We will work with your brief to create and manage customer and internal events to a high level.


Our team will work with you to design creative events that will deliver on your goals, engage your clients, reward your staff and build your brand.

We specialise in helping young and growing businesses who need creative talent, experienced input and don't yet have the budget to make it an internal part of their business. Yet.


Our team, based in Spalding, Lincolnshire will support you in planning events, using a proven process to put all of the elements in to place, sequenced at the right time and in the most effective way.

Reporting either face to face, by email or over the phone, we can keep you up to date on planning without excessive demands on your time.

Imagine a fully staffed, well resourced and experienced creative team, all at your command - with the ability to turn it on and off as required.


Every physical event needs support. Our team has the capacity to attend and manage events - in set up, on the day and on take down.

If the event needs supervision, administrative support, security, cleaners - we have them. Just build it in to the plan and it will happen.


Fees are simple and agreed up front. We require stage payments as projects progress. As each agreed milestone is reached and signed off, our admin team will invoice you for payment.

Hourly charges for staff and support are industry competitive and charged weekly in areas.


All project collateral is the sole property of the contract client.

None Disclosure Agreements can be utilised to protect your business and its ideas.


Depending on the size of the clients business and available accomodation, we like to come and work with you in your business where practical collaboration is helpful.

We have our own offices in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire and have a netowork of hot desks and offices available where necessary.

In general, smaller businesses tend to kick off with us at Mayflower Events and we provide remote support through digital channels including Skype, Email and over the phone.